TYR® Sound you can count on


What is an ALD?

An Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is a device that helps people hear better by transmitting, processing, and/or amplifying sound. ALDs are often provided by law for people with hearing loss in cinemas, theatres, and auditoriums.

With TYR, people with hearing loss can bring the right sounds directly into their ears while eliminating background noise. It’s suitable for people with all hearing loss levels, not just those with severe hearing issues.

You do not have to be a hearing aid user to use TYR, either. TYR can be used by those who want to hear better in certain situations, waiting for hearing aids, or those who don’t have the dexterity to operate hearing aids.

What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a small customized medical device that allows a person with hearing loss to better hearing sound and understand speech. TYR uses the same sound technology, protection, and algorithms that are found in standard hearing aids when it comes to sound definition and speech intelligibility.