About us

We are purpose-driven audiologists behind TYR®.


Mohsen Haj-Bolouri, Founder and CEO

As a trained electrical engineering and technical audiologist, Haj-Bolouri brings diverse experience to the OnDeMove team. He has proven experience as a service leader in consumer electronics, telecommunications, and medical devices.

Mohsen previously worked as a service and support manager for GN Otometrics/ReSound in Sweden, as a technical audiologist for the public healthcare system, and as a technical audiologist for Comfort Audio and Zeiss Ophthalmology.

Mohsen says he created OnDeMove to help people.
“If I can help solve a problem for people, I’m inclined to take action to solve that problem as best I can.”

Magdalena Hansson, Founder, and administrator

Magdalena is a nurse with a B.A. in administration and economy. This mix of patient experience and business know-how was used to start OnDeMove.

Karl Hillgård, CFO

We will be doing well by providing our cost-effective solutions for many people with hearing loss.