Hear what you want. When you want.

Enjoy the sounds of life with TYR®, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) equipped with modern speech and sound technology. Developed and manufactured by hearing industry professionals in Sweden, this technological wonder helps people with hearing loss hear the world again.

OnDeMoves Product TYR®

Our Technology

The world’s most reliable, comfortable, and personal Assistive Listening Device.

TYR lets you be a part of the conversation again with superior sound quality and speech recognition. Gain back the sounds of music and nature with an ALD that is designed and developed for real-world sounds.

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TYR® – An ALD designed for you

When we set out to create the world’s best ALD, we focused on what’s most important: sound reproduction and speech intelligibility. Once we fine-tuned the tech, we honed in on the users and created an intuitive, reliable, and personal design.

  • Easy TYR’s pre-configured speech system allows users to get the most out of their ALD straight out of the box without training or setup. Simply adjust the headset and hear the world.
  • PersonalTYR’s rechargeable batteries last 45 hours, so there’s no need for fiddling with battery changes during the day. We also designed it with comfort in mind. An adjustable clip allows for easy attachment to clothes – or it can be worn via a neckstrap. And don’t worry about carrying it around – at just 32 grams, it can fit in your pocket or purse.
  • Reliable Our intuitive design features sunk-in buttons that make volume adjustment and program selection easy. TYR features three programs:
    1. Comfort: For use with friends and family in a home setting, this program emphasizes speech.
    2. Restaurant: Designed for situations with high background noise, this program helps filter out the dishwasher and air conditioning, so you can focus on what your fellow diners have to say.
    3. Large spaces: Use this program when you are at a concert, conference, or other large venues.

Sometimes you need a little aid to enjoy the sounds of life.

With OneDeMove hearing assistance, you can get back the moments that mild to moderate hearing loss took away from you. Enjoy birdsong, laughter, conversation and music again with the help of OnDeMove – simplicity and quality for your ears.

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